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The following is about the English composition written by Chinese high school students and related to swimming.

Chinese high school students English composition


Zhang Dong is my best friend. He entered our class last term. He is a boy. He has short straight, black eyes and a small nose. so we often have a talk in English in our spare time. After school, we often play football together on the playground.

He is an excellent student. He not only gets good marks in all subjects but also is very kind and modest. He is fond of music.

There are three people in his family and he is the only child. His father is a doctor and his mother is a Beijing Opera actress. Though Zhang Dong’s family is wealthy, he is usually simply dressed.

Such is my friend, a clever and kind boy. He is highly praised by the teachers and students.


Our class held a discussion about whether music should be played during the break or not .The opinions are divided .

Most of the students think that music should be played. As we know, music can produce a lively and happy atmosphere. Besides , after hard study , music can bring us relaxation , which reduces the tiredness. This can help us make full preparations for the next class. Listening to music also makes us feel happy .  On the other hand , some students don’t think so. In their opinion , they can’t get the expected effect from playing music , for the class break time is too short .What is needed most during the class break is peace instead of noise produced by music .

In my opinion , it is good to play some soft and peaceful music instead of loud music during the class break. In this way students can enjoy music as well as have a good rest. Besides, I suggest choosing some music that is suitable for middle school students.


Dear Miss Chen,

I’m having some trouble with my new school life. I have just come to study in a senior middle school. I’m a shy boy and I’m not good at communicating with others, so I often feel lonely. Besides, I don’t do well in English, especially spoken English.

As a result, I dare not speak English in class. However, most of my classmates can speak English quite fluently. I feel upset sometimes. What’s more, I can’t get along well with my deskmate, who is a very stubborn girl.

I do want to change the situation, but I don’t know how. Could you tell me what to do next? I would be grateful if you could give me some advice.


Liu Dong


Dear Martin,

I am glad to hear from you. In your email you asked me about the after-school activities in our school and here I would like to introduce to you something about it.    

There are over 20 students’ clubs and more than 30 electives in our school. I am in the basketball and chess clubs. The activities not only build up my body and mind but also provide a perfect platform and rich choices for my future development. Besides, they also free me from the heavy work of study, guaranteeing my sustainable development.

Here is my suggestion to the students on how to choose after-class activities: You’d better choose those which interest and suit you. What’s more, you have to balance your study and activities so as to achieve both.

You are warmly welcome to come and experience our after-school activities.

Best wishes!

Sincerely yours,

Li Hua


I am Li Ying, a high school student in Liuyang. Our school has a long history with rich culture. When you enter our school, you will find a lot of tall trees and green grass .I am very proud of myself being able to study in such a beautiful school. However, I feel sorry sometimes when I find the campus filled with rubbish, thinking about what we can do to keep the campus clean.

Firstly, every student must be aware of the importance of keeping clean. Secondly, we should take turns to clean up every corner of the school every day. Last but not least, keeping the campus clean all the time is most important: whenever and wherever we find rubbish, we must pick it up and put it in rubbish cans nearby.


Dear teacher and schoolmates,

It’s a great pleasure for me to be here today and share my experience of learning English with you. I’m interested in English and hope to be an interpreter in the future. Naturally it’s very important for me to learn English well. As everybody knows, vocabulary is an important part of language, just like bricks in a building. I usually memorize twenty new words a day and put them to use whenever possible. After class, I often listen to English programs on TV and on the radio. Besides, I’ve learned a lot from the Internet and other sources.

Now, I’d like to make some suggestions on English teaching and learning in our school. Firstly, we should be given more opportunities to use what we’ve learned in order to have a better grasp of it. Secondly, I hope our teachers ean recommend more interesting books and magazines in English and give us more free time to read them. Finally, I suggest we have more English activities, such as games and English contests.

Thank you for listening.


How to get along well with your parents

As you are growing, you may want to be free from your parents and feel ready to make your own decisions. However, your parents will disagree with you. Your relationship with your parents may be in trouble right now. Here are some tips for you to avoid quarrels with your parents.

Discuss the rules ahead of time and not at the last minute. This way you will be able to tell what they will say yes or no to before you make plans.

Try to remain calm when your parents say no to something. You’d better listen to what they have to say instead of quarreling with them.

Spend time with your family. Communicate with each other at home. Suggest activities that your whole family will enjoy together such as going for a hike, a bike ride, or going to the beach.

I hope the adove advice can be of some help to you.


Wei Fang

Article one: The story about the winter swimming club

When did you last see a polar bear?On a trip to a zoo,perhaps?If you had attended a winter activity in New York a few years ago,you would have seen a whole polar bear club.These “Polar Bears” are people who meet frequently in the winter to swim in freezing cold water.

That day,the air temperature was 3℃,and the water temperature was a little higher.The members of the Polar Bear Club at Coney Island,New York are usually about the age of 60.Members must satisfy two requirements.First,they must get along well with everyone else in the group;this is very important because there are so many different kinds of people in the club.Polar Bears must also agree to swim outdoors at least twice a month from November through February.

Dcotors don’t agree about the medical effects of cold-winter swimming.Some are worried about the dangers of a condition in which the body’s temperature drops so low that finally the heart stops.Other doctors,however,point out that there is more danger of a heart attack during summer swimming because the difference between the air temperature and water temperature is much greater in summer than in winter.

The Polar Bears themselves are satisfied with the benefits of cold-water swimming.They say that their favorite form of exercise is very good for the circulatory system because it forces the blood to move fast to keep the body warm.Cold-water swimmers usually turn bright red after a few minutes in the water.A person who turns blue probably has a very poor circulatory system and should not try cold-water swimming.

The main benefits of cold-water swimming are probably mental.The Polar Bears love to swim all year round;they find it fun and relaxing.As one 70-year-old woman says,”When I go into water,I pour my troubles into the ocean and let them float away.”

Article 2: About the rules of swimming

Swimming is one of those activities that can be learned early in life.Little children can learn to swim as soon as they walk.In fact,you need the same skills in walking as in swimming.

However,I believe that five is the best age to learn.By five or six,a child knows fear of water,a very important thing to know.It’s wise to be afraid,to recognize true danger.Young ones understand that the water can sometimes be very dangerous.

To really benefit from swimming,every swimmer should learn,as soon as possible,these four basic strokes;butterfly,backstroke,breastroke,and crawl.I feel that one of these-the breaststroke-is different from the others,since some young swimmers use this stroke naturally,without any training.

In swimming there are certain rules every swimmer should follow:

1.Never swim alone!No matter how good you are in the water,don’t risk drowning by swimming alone.If you swim by yourself,with no life guards or friends with you,you may get into trouble.

2.Don’t go beyond your abilities.Most swimmers know enough not to swim too far from the bank or the beach,Showing off by doing dangerous tricks is no good.

Swim safely and you will continue to swim and alive.

3.Don’t smoke.Swimming depends on a healthy body;good lungs are part of it.

4.Work at any activity that builds muscles.

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