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The following talks about the importance of oral English: man eating tiger, out of control airplane, meeting with Putin, sleeping and studying, a traffic accident.

Article 1: The importance of spoken language

To master a language one must be able to speak and understand the spoken language as well as to read and write.

Lenin and his wife translated a long English book into Russian but when they went to England in 1902, English people couldn’t understand a word Lenin and his wife said, and Lenin and his wife couldn’t understand what was said to them.This shows the importance of spoken language.

Speaking, of course can’t go without listening.If you want to pronounce a word correctly, first you must hear it correctly.

The sounds of Chinese and English languages are not exactly the same.If you don’t listen carefully, you’ll find it difficult or even impossible to understand the native speakers.

Well, what about writing﹖ Like speaking, it’s to exchange ideas.People usually use shorter words and shorter sentences in their writing.

The important thing is to make your idea clear in your mind and then to write it in a clear lively language.

Chinese students read too slowly.If you read fast, you understand better.If you read too slowly by the time you have reached to the end of a page you have forgotten what the beginning is about.

When you meet with new words don’t look them up in the dictionary.Guess the meaning to form the context.

You may not guess quite correctly the first time but as new words appear again and again in different context their meaning will become clearer and clearer.

If you look up every word you’ll never finish a book.Students of a foreign language need a particular knowledge, the knowledge of the life, history and geography of the people whose language they’re studying.

They should study those subjects in the foreign language not only in translation.In this way one can kill two birds with one stone: learn a foreign language and get some knowledge of the foreign country at the same time.

Article 2: The story about the cannibal tiger

One day last November, Tom Baker stepped out of his house into the morning light and headed across the rice fields toward the bank of the Rapti River.

Tom, a 32-year-old school teacher in the farming village of Madanpur, was going for his morning bath.

As he approached the river, the head of a tiger suddenly appeared over the edge of the river bank. Before he could turn to run, the tiger was upon him.

It jumped on his shoulder and threw him to the ground, its huge jaws attacked his head in a killing bite.

Peter Smith was also on his way to the river and saw the attack. He screamed. The tiger lifted its head and roared at him. Peter ran.

From the window of his house John Brown heard the tiger roar and ran out to see it attacking a man. He screamed, too, and all the villagers ran out shouting as the tiger dropped its victim and ran off.

When the villagers reached the river bank, Tom was already dead.

For the villagers, the horror of the incident intensified by the tales of man-eating tigers that has once run around in the countryside, killing hundreds.

Article 3: A story about a plane losing control

The year was 1932. Amelia Earhart was flying alone from North America to England in a small single—engined aeroplane.

At midnight, several hours after she had left Newfoundland, she ran into bad weather. To make things worse, her altimeter failed and she didn’t know how high she was flying.

At night, and in a storm, a pilot is in great difficulty without an altimeter. At times, her plane nearly plunged into the sea.

Just before dawn, there was further trouble. Amelia noticed flames coming from the engine. Would she be able to reach land?

There was nothing to do except to keep going and to hope. In the end, Amelia Earhart did reach Ireland, and for the courage she had shown, she was warmly welcomed in England and Europe.

When she returned to the United States, she was honored by President Hoover at a special dinner in the White House. From that time on, Amelia Earhart was famous.

What was so important about her flight? Amelia Earhart was the first woman to fly the Atlantic Ocean alone, and she had set a record of fourteen hours and fifty—six minutes.

In the years that followed, Amelia Earhart made several flights across the United States, and on each occasion she set a new record for flying time.

Amelia Earhart made these flights to show that women had a place in aviation and that air travel was useful.

Article 4: Meeting with Putin

While many teenagers may dream of meeting with pop star Jay Chou or NBA hero Yao Ming, Li Jing had a far more powerful person on her mind.The Senior 2 from Beijing No.35 High School dreamt of meeting Russian President Vladimir Putin.

After more than a year of hard work and with a little good luck, Li fulfilled her dream.On October 11, 2004, the 16-year-old girl joined a team of Chinese Journalists who went to the Kremlin, Moscow, to interview Putin.

Li felt nervous before talking with Putin.“But his greeting and warm smile put me at ease,” she said.

Li admires Putin very much, because of his strong will and style of leadership.“He looks very cool,” Li said.

During her interview, Li asked Putin whether he plans to educate his two teenage daughters to be officials in the future.

Putin smiled and answered he hopes they can do whatever job suits their interests and personalities.

Although Li would only have several minutes, she started working on her interview questions last August after applying for the opportunity(chance).“Journalists” work is by no means easy.

You need to do lots of homework on your interviewee,” she said.She read many books about Putin and Russia in her spare time.

Li’s parents encouraged her to be a student journalist.“We fully support her, as long as it does not affect studies,” said her father.

Previous in her job for a student magazine, Chinese Young Journalists, she wrote a letter to President Hu Jintao during the SARS epidemic.

Li has learnt a lot from her experience.She said learning to manage her time and develop the confidence to speak with important people were not things she could learn in class.

Article 5: Sleep learning

If you ask some people, “How did you learn English so well?” You may get a surprising answer, “In my sleep!”

These are people who have taken part in one of the recent experiments to test “Learn-While-Sleep” methods, which are now being tried in several countries, and with several subjects, of which English is only one.

Specialists say that this “sleepstudy” method speeds language learning greatly.

They say the average person can learn two or three times as much during sleep as in the same period during the day, and does not affect his rest in any way.

A word of warning, however, sleep teaching will only strengthen in your mind what you have studied already while you are awake.

In an experiment, lessons were broadcast over the radio.

Each lesson lasted twelve hours from 8 p.m. to 8 a.m. The first three hours of English grammar and vocabulary were given with the student awake.

At 11 p.m. a lullaby was broadcast to send the student to sleep and for the next three hours the radio whispered the lesson again into his sleeping ears.

At 2 a.m. a sharp noise was sent over the radio to wake the sleeping student up for a few minutes to review the lesson.

The cradlesong(a kind of soft song making you fall asleep easily) sent him back to rest again while the radio went on.

At 5 a.m. his sleep ended and he had to go through the lesson again for three hours before breakfast.

Article 6: About a traffic accident

SPOKANE, Washington–Three members of a touring Chinese dance troupe are recovering from a road accident in eastern Washington that killed two teenage boys.

Two of the hospitalized dancers have been improved to satisfactory condition.

The third hospitalized teenager, Tao Yong, remains in serious condition with a fractured jaw and a fractured left arm.

Nearly two dozen of the 36-member group were injured when their three vans crashed last Friday on an icy highway 30 kilometers south of Ritzville.

Most will fly back to China as soon as they can, cutting short a tour that was supposed to last three weeks.

But some will stay behind until their injuries heal, says Pastor Andrew Hu of Trinity United Methodist Church in Ritzville.

The Washington State Patrol is looking into the accident and has attributed it to a snowstorm.

The dance troupe was in a tour titled “China in Dance 2001-Legends of the Dynasties”, the tour opened in Seattle earlier this month.

Dancers performed last Thursday in Spokane, Washington, and were about to head for Portland, Oregon when the accident occurred.

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