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The following tells the story of the hazards of nuclear radiation, tug-of-war, the relationship between men and women, forest hotels, and medical examinations.

Article 1: The harm of nuclear radiation

Nuclear radiation has a certain mystery, partly because it cannot be detected by human senses. It can’t be seen or heard, or touched or tasted, even though it may be all around us.

There are other things like that. For example, radio waves are all around us but we can’t detect them or sense them without a radio receiver.

Similarly, we can’t sense radioactivity without a radiation detector. But unlike common radio waves, nuclear radiation is not harmless to human beings and other living things.

At very high levels, radiation can kill an animal or human being outright by killing masses of cells in important organs.

Even the lowest levels can do serious damage. There is no level of radiation that is completely safe. If the radiation does not hit anything important, the damage may not be serious.

This is the case when only a few cells are hit, and when they are killed outright. Your body will replace the dead cells with healthy ones.

But if the few cells are only damaged, and if they reproduce themselves, you may be in trouble. They reproduce themselves in an unusual way.

They can grow into cancer. Sometimes this does not show up for many years.

This is another reason for some of the mystery about nuclear radiation. Serious damage can be done without the knowledge of the person at the time that damage has occurred.

A person can be irradiated and feel fine, then die of cancer five, ten, or twenty years later as a result.

A child can be born weak or easy to get serious illness as a result of radiation absorbed by its grandparents.

Article 2: Tug of War

Tug-of-war is not only popular in China , but in many other countries . Their tug-of-war match is a little different from ours .

They have eight men for each team , while we may have the match between two sides with equal men or women players . Of cause , they are usually tall , strong and heavy .

For a tug-of-war match , we need a long thick rope . Each team stands at one end of the rope , holding it .

Then they try to pull the center of the rope , marked in the ground towards each of their own sides .

The team which succeeds in pulling the center of the rope away through a certain distance is the winner .

Many foreign sports experts think we don’t have to be tall , heavy and strong to play tug-of-war . We don’t have endless energy , for a match lasts only a few minutes .

The secret is good hands . The players must have big strong , hard hands . Before they start the match they put mixture of oil and petrol on their hands so they can hold the rope better.

Many foreign experts say the best hand for tug-of-war belong to the sons of farmers .

This is because they have to work hard when they are still very young . Farming is a good practice for this sport !

Article 3: Views on the relationship between men and women in Chinese high school English test papers

Gone are the days when men and women couldn’t associate with each other . When we are asked whether boys and girls can associate with each other , most of us will say , “ Yes , of course . Why not ? ”

If we want to deal with the association between boys and girls properly , here are some “ dos and don’ts ” for you to follow .

1. Keep a normal and healthy state of mind. Our schools and classes are made up of boys and girls . It is very natural for boys and girls to contact each other and build up the friendship with the students of the other sex .

Generally speaking , we should broaden the circle of the association . We should make as many friends as possible .

We should have more friends of the other sex instead of one or two. We should contact the students in public instead of in secret .

2. Contact students of the other sex warmly , generously and sincerely . Don’t be too nervous or too shy in contact with a person of the other sex .

In that case it is very difficult for you to make a lot of friends , as no one likes a person who is too shy to say a word . If you are too shy a person , you can also find a way out .

First of all , you can contact the students with the same interest and hobby with you . As both of you have much in common , you may have much to talk about .

If you keep doing like that , little by little , you will gladly find you are also as free to express yourself as others .

3. Don’t fall into the ditch of early love . The boys and girls at adolescence are rich in feeling and full of imagination .

They are easy to regard the friendship as a sign of love and fall in love with each other at an early age .

In my opinion , boys and girls at middle school are too young and too tender to shoulder the heavy duty of love .

Early love is a green apple that can’t be eaten . An apply won’t taste sweet until it is fully ripe. Do keep out of early love .

Article 4: Stories about the Tree hotel

This hotel in the trees is famous in the world . People who know very little about Kenya, know of Treetops .

When King George VI died , Princess Elizabeth was staying on the Treetops , and when she came down from there , she succeeded to the queen of the country .

This hotel , in the middle of the forest , shows the pleasure of Africa. When you visit it , you will be sent into the heart of the forest by local buses , and then a quide , with a gun to protect you against big game , will go with you to the House on the Treetops .

Before and after dinner , for the whole night if you wish , you can sit on the corridor, watching animals come to the water pool and the salt .

The earliest hotel Treetops was built round a large tree on the opposite side of the water , but this was destroyed by fire and the new hotel Treetops , which is built round several trees , is much bigger.

The dinning room at Treetops is small , and as the waiters cannot walk round to serve guests , a clever “ railway service ” has been invented .

Guests take their food as it passes slowly in front of them , along a line in the center of the table .

There are many animals around the Treetops . When you visit them, you can see :

Animals and their babies are waiting to greet the guests . Animals are enjoying the Treetops pool in the daylight .

A long bodied , long ring tailed , very active catlike animal is a special one coming out at night .

He hurts and eats anything he can overpower and is very destructive . He comes for his food every evening . Do not get too near him . as his teeth and claws can do you harm .

These animals can be trained and become lovely pets .

Some other animals have a thick coating of fur to keep him warm in the cold forest nights .

Many buffaloes come to the Treetops for water and salt during the day or night .

Article 5: Examinations of medical professors

There was once a professor of medicine , who was very strict with the students .

Whenever he took the chair on the exam committee , the students would be in fear , because he was seldom pleased with the answers they gave .

A student would be lucky enough if he or she could receive a good mark from him . At the end of the term , the students of medicine would take their exam again .

Now a student entered the exam room and got seated before the committee . This student was a little nervous as he knew it would not be so easy to get through the exam at all .

The professor began to ask . The student was required to describe a certain illness , his description of which turned out to be OK .

Then the professor asked about the cure for the illness , and the student , too , answered just as right .

“ Good , ” said the professor , “ and how much will you give the patient ? ”

“ A full spoon , ” answered the student .

“ Now you may go out and wait for what you can get , ” said the professor . At the same time the committee discussed carefully the answers the student had given .

Suddenly the student noticed that there was something wrong with his last answer . “ A full spoon is too much , ” he thought to himself.

Anxiously he opened the door of the room and cried , “ Mr .Professor , I’ve made a mistake ! A full spoon is too much for the patient . He can take only five drops . ”

“ I’m sorry , sir , ” said the professor coldly , “ but it’s too late . Your patient has died . ”

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