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Here are the stories about detective, American English and British English, friends and family.

Article one: Meet a detective in a restaurant

One afternoon I was sitting at my favorite table in a restaurant ,  waiting for the food I had  ordered to arrive . Suddenly I noticed that a man sitting at a table near the window kept glancing in my direction ,as if he knew me . 

The man had a newspaper open in front of him ,which he was  pretending to read ,but I could see that he was  keeping an eye on me .When the waiter brought my food the man was clearly puzzled by the familar way in which the waiter and I chatted with each other . 

He seemed even more puzzled as time went on and it became clear that all the waiters in the restaurant knew me . Finally he got up and went into the kitchen. When he came out , he  paid his bill and left without another glance in my direction.

I called the owner of the restaurant and asked what the man hadwanted.“Well,”he said , “that man was a detective. He followed you here because he thought you were the man he was looking for.”

“What ?” I said , showing my surprise. The owner continued , “He came into the kitchen and showed me a photo of the wanted man. 

I must say he looked very much like you !Of course , since we know you  ,we told him that he had made a mistake .”“Well ,it‟s really lucky that I came to a restaurant where I‟m known ,” I said .“ otherwise , I might have been in trouble .”  

Article two: About American English and British English

A student is learning to speak British English. He  wonders: Can  I  communicate  with Americans? 

Can they understand me? Learners of English often ask:  What are the differences between British and American English? How important are these differences?  Certainly! 

there are some differences between British and American English.There are a few differences in grammar. For example, speakers of British English say“in hospital”and “Have you a pen?” Americans say “in the hospital!”and “Do  you  have  a  pen?”. Pronunciation is sometimes different.

Americans usually sound theirs in words like “bird” and“hurt”.Speakers of British English do not sound theirs in these words. There are differences between British and American English in spelling and vocabulary. 

For example,“colour” and “honour” are British,“color and honor”are American. These differences in grammar, pronunciation, spelling and vocabulary are not important, however.For the most part,British and American English are the same language.   

Article three: About friends and family

Many teenagers feel that the most important people in their lives are  their friends. They believe that their family members,espe cially their parents, don‟t know them as well their friends do.

In large families,it is often for brothers and sisters to fight with each other and then they can only go to their friends for advice.

It is very important for teenagers to have one good friend or many friends.Even when they are not with their friends,they usually spend a lot of time talking among themselves on the phone.

This communication is very important in children‟s growing up,because friend can discuss something difficult to say to their family members.However, parents often try to choose their children‟s friends for them.

Some parents may even stop their children from meeting their good friends. The question of “choice” is an interesting one. Have you ever thought of the following questions?  Who choose your friends?  Do you choose your friends or your friends choose you?  Have you got a good friends your parent  don‟t like?  

Article four:How to Make Friends

Everyone needs friends and how to make friends is very important .To make friends ,you must be friendly to others.

Smile at others and you are sure to get a smile in return .You should try to make a stranger feel at home whether  he happens to be .

Think more of others than of yourself and never judge a person by his appearance and clothes.When you don‟t agree with someone ,don‟t quarrel ,but discuss with him.

Finally never believe in those who leave you when you are in trouble .A friend in need is a friend indeed .

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