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The following is about Internet addiction in China, introduction to mobile phones many years ago, football, and vegetarians.

Article 1: Internet addiction in China

As China develops, the Internet’s presence is inescapable. But some get addicted to the Internet.

13-year old Xiao Yi paid the high price for his. He rode an elevator to the top of a 24-storey building and then jumped to his death.

His suicide note explained he wanted to enter another life to meet the characters from the online games he played constantly, sometimes days in a row.  “He had a kind of fixation.” Xiao Yi’s father says, “He threw himself into an imaginary world.”

Internet addiction got attention in China when stories such as Xiao Yi’s popped up in China state-run press.

Internet addicts died from exhaustion after spending days online or murdered others in search of virtual possessions.

Public anger over these incidents spurred the opening of China’s first Internet addiction treatment center.

The clinic’s treatment might seem cruel. But it’s a popular choice for worried parents.

“Ever since our door’s opened, every bed has been full.” says the center’s director. 20 at a time come for medical treatment and counseling.

They are also kept busy with activities, designed to take their attention away from the attraction of computers.

“I’m confident this will work or I wouldn’t have come here,” explains this college student.

Critics aren’t so sure. Some argue the government is exaggerating concerns about Internet addiction as an excuse to ban Internet cafes and game sites.

But for China’s estimated 2 million Internet addicts, the temptation of the wired world is a real problem.

Article 2: Introduction to mobile phones many years ago

These days, if you still think the cellphone is just for talking, you will get laughed at. Yes, it’s true, voice-only handsets have become out of date.

Today’s do-it-all mobiles have a lot in common with the computer. The only difference may be that they fit in your pocket and you pay by the minutes to use them.

Some of the things a cellphone can do for you will be available this year:

Surf at speed

Cellpones that let you use the Web have been around for years. So, what’s new? Well, faster third-generation(3G) net works let you surf at anywhere.

This then allows a carrier to send video, music, and games to your phone. Possible choices are from LG Electronic VX 8000 and Motorola V 1150.

Listen as you go

The problem with most cellphone MP3 players is that they hold only a handful of songs. But, that’s about to change. Sony Ericsson’s new W800i can hold around 150 songs in its 500 MB memory.

And Sumsung’s SPH-V5400 even comes with a 1.5 GB hard drive. Mobile phones may eventually replace mini-MP3 players, especially for teens.

Say cheese

Camera cellphones are not new either. But, most of them have limitations: around 1-megapixel.

But new technology has made 2-megapixel units more common and 3-megapixel units are showing up soon.

Some 2-megapixel models, like Sony Ericsson’s K750i, offer limited zoom and focus controls. Others, like LG’s recent MMA7110, can even capture 30 minutes of full- motion video.

Portable TV

You say you like “watching TV”? That’s what Sumsung MM-A700 wants to give you. The new model lets users watch popular TV programs—for a fee.

Other choices are Nokia’s 6620, Sanyo’s MM 7400 and NEC’s N940.The NEC model lets you watch public TV—no fee.

The above are just a handful of what you will see in the coming months.

Further down the road, your mobile phone may play a host of other roles, such as mobile credit card, position locator… So what is there that a cellphone can’t do?

Article 3: Football

Football is different from most careers. There are no advertisements, applications forms or interviews.

The employers, the football clubs, find players and offer them employment. The clubs look for young players with particular qualities and, most importantly, talent.

The players should be very, very good and play for a leading club, they must be outstanding. Besides, they should have good team spirit, a strong character, mental strength and a positive attitude.

Many countries have set up programs to encourage and develop young footballers, and this is where the clubs go to assess and find stars of the future.

China has special football schools where children acquire ball skills as well as a formal education. In the UK, the clubs send scouts to discover talented boys and girls.

They take part in training sessions, and play in the junior team. Some of them, if good enough, may become a paid member of staff at the age of 16.

During this time, they receive football instruction and play for the youth team, but it is not an easy life.

After two years, only a few trainees are good enough to go on to the next stage.

They are offered a contract with a club and their salary depends on t heir performance and how many matches their team wins.

Perhaps, like David Beckham, one or two become great stars. However, football is a fiercely competitive job, so many players are not successful and have to leave the profession to find other careers.

Little David was football crazy. He spent all his spare time kicking a ball. He dreamed of being a footballer and scoring goals in front of thousands of cheering fans.

David’s dream comes true. Now he is famous for haircuts and lifestyle as well as for scoring goals.

David Beckham’s story has a happy ending, but most of the children who have the same wish will never have the opportunity to play for a team.

Dreams of the young, though they have done their best, do not always come true.

Article 4: Vegetarian

Most Chinese people don’t understand why some westerners don’t eat meat. In China, to eat meat is a sign of wealth.

If a westerner doesn’t take a bite of their Peking duck, there is something wrong.

But many people in Europe and America choose not to eat meat or fish — they are known as vegetarians.

In the US alone there are 12 million vegetarians and 19,000 more people stop eating meat every week.

People often become vegetarians in order to lose weight or eat more healthily.

A lot of research has shown that vegetarian diets are healthier than the average western diet.

Fried chicken may be delicious to eat, but all that extra fat can damage your heart

There are many other reasons for “turning veggie”. It could be that you cannot afford to buy meat.

Or maybe you just don’t like the taste of it.

A large number of vegetarians choose to give up meat because they believe it is cruel to kill animals for food.

They believe many animals are not allowed to live in comfort and, when they are killed, it is carried out in a very painful way.

While some vegetarians are happy not to eat animals, others take it one step further and refuse to eat any animal product.

They are known as vegans and will not eat cheese, yoghurt and eggs, or drink milk.

Neither will they wear clothes or shoes made from animal skin, such as leather. They say that if it is wrong to kill an animal for food, it is worse to kill it for clothing.

But there are some groups that go even further. Fruitarians believe it is wrong to kill any living plant or animal.

Besides refusing to eat meat, they will only eat fruit and vegetables that have not been killed when harvested.

This means they cannot take an apple from a tree: they must wait until the apple falls to the ground. Only then can it be considered dead.

In addition, some people on the Chinese Internet now believe that there is no essential difference between eating meat and being a vegetarian, because animals and plants are life, and if you eat them, their lives will end.

Therefore, they believe that a person is alive at the expense of the end of the lives of many animals and plants.

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