Collection of short articles

These articles were basically completed more than ten years ago, with various aspects of content.

The following articles are about Beijing opera, American football, covid-19, Chinese culture books.

Article One

The following is a story about work, McDonald’s, mobile phones, going abroad, the sun and traditional Chinese goods.

Article two

Here are the stories about detective, American English and British English, friends and family.

Article three

The following is about the English composition written by Chinese high school students and related to swimming.

Article four

The following articles are about computers, raising dogs, selling apples, the weather, and studying for exams.

Article five

The following tells the story between two colleagues, the view of the only child, the space vegetable, the view of the big city, the story about the name.

Article six

The following talks about the importance of oral English: man eating tiger, out of control airplane, meeting with Putin, sleeping and studying, a traffic accident.

Article seven

The following tells about whether wild animals are dangerous, a smuggling incident, stories about Thanksgiving, views on the Internet, the difference between American English and British English, and the story of throwing starfish.

Article eight

The following talks about choosing gifts for girlfriends, some exhibition projects, New Year traditions around the world, why people keep dogs, and how to use e-mail.

Article night

The following tells the story of the hazards of nuclear radiation, tug-of-war, the relationship between men and women, forest hotels, and medical examinations.

Article ten

The following describes the meaning of rats, the lives of illegal immigrants, methods of stress reduction, methods of protecting consumers’ rights, and incidents caused by mistaking.

Article eleven

The following is about the role of touch, a story from a newspaper, the New York subway, hybrid cars, long-term memory and short-term memory.

Article twelve

The following talks about friends, the appearance of emotions, misunderstandings about eyes, water pollution, and water shortage.

Article thirteen

The following talks about paper bags and plastic bags, changes in the attitude of conductors, the role of breakfast, the situation in the United States, expensive brand-name products owned by students, exercise methods, and the story of Mother’s Day.

Article fourteen

The following tells the story of Lang Ping, the method of reading, the dangers of smoking, a kind interview, the method of becoming a scientist, and the trouble caused by language.

Article fifteen

The following talks about the disaster caused by the war, the impact of tourism, the outdoor sports in New Zealand, the unemployment problem, and the speech.

Article sixteen

The following talks about the destruction of the living environment of animals and plants, the house that used to be the post office, the source of Thanksgiving, the possibility of smoking after watching the movie, the sound situation, and the car accident.

Article seventeen

The following tells the story of car manufacturing, Hawaiian tradition, Learning Later in Life, tiny things, Sounds.

Article eighteen

The following is about the history of umbrellas, what can be done in New York, a strange story, the change of the earth’s temperature, an important means of transportation in China.

Article nineteen

The following is about Internet addiction in China, introduction to mobile phones many years ago, football, and vegetarians.

Article twenty

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