Chinese history

Luoyang in the early Eastern Han Dynasty

Liu Xiu established the Eastern Han Dynasty

In 25 ad, Liu Xiu and his entourage decided that the time was right and decided to stand on their own as emperor. (he was known as Emperor Guangwu of the Han Dynasty in History).

After suppressing the two largest uprising forces, Lvlin and Chimei, Emperor Guangwu of Han Dynasty eliminated the two separatist regimes that separated Longyou and Shudi and unified China.

Later, Emperor Guangwu of the Han Dynasty took Luoyang as the capital.

In order to distinguish it from the Western Han Dynasty established by Liu Bang, this dynasty was called “Eastern Han Dynasty” in history.

After Emperor Guangwu of the Han Dynasty established the Eastern Han Dynasty, he knew that the common people had already hated the war of the local powerful for territory.

Therefore, he was determined to adopt a policy of recuperation, such as reducing taxes, releasing slaves and reducing official duties.

Therefore, in the early years of the Eastern Han Dynasty, the economy recovered and developed.

He understood that the unity of the china depends on force, while the governance of the china depends on attaching importance to laws and regulations.

However, the law can only regulate the common people, and it is difficult to use it to restrict the Powerful people.

For example, Princess Hu Yang, the eldest sister of Emperor Guangwu of the Han Dynasty, did not pay attention to any laws and regulations at all.

Dong Xuan’s action

Luoyang ling(The chief executive of Luoyang) Dong Xuan is a tough men. He thought that the Powerful people should be punished in the same way.

Once, a servant of Princess Huyang hid in the princess’s mansion every day in order to avoid legal sanctions.

Dong Xuan couldn’t go into the princess’s mansion to search, so he sent people to guard at the gate of the princess’s mansion every day, waiting for the murderer to come out.

One day, Princess Huyang took the servant out in a carriage. After hearing the news, Dong Xuan personally led people to stop Princess Huyang’s carriage.

Princess Huyang thought that Dong Xuan had violated her dignity and said, “what a bold luoyang ling, how dare you stop my carriage!”

Dong Xuan was not frightened. He drew out his sword and   blamed Princess Huyang in his face for letting her servant violate the law and kill people.

Regardless of the princess’s obstruction, he had his servant arrested and executed on the spot..

Seeing this scene, Huyang Princess almost fainted.

She rushed to the palace and cried to Emperor that Dong Xuan had bullied her.

After hearing this, Emperor immediately called Dong Xuan into the palace and ordered his servants to beat Dong Xuan in front of Princess Huyang, hoping to calm the princess.

Dong Xuan said, “don’t hit me first. Let me finish my speech. I’d rather die.”

The emperor said angrily, “what else can you say?”

Dong Xuan’s bravery

Dong Xuan said, “if you let the princess indulge her servants to kill people, can you manage the world well? There’s no need to hit me . I’ll kill myself. “

With that, he hit the post immediately.

The emperor quickly asked the bodyguard to catch Dong Xuan, but his face was covered with blood.

The emperor knew that Dong Xuan was right and felt that he should not be beaten. But in order to protect the face of Princess Huyang, he still asked Dong Xuan to kowtow to the princess.

Dong Xuan would rather die than kowtow. The bodyguard pressed down his head, but Dong Xuan put his hand on the ground and straightened his neck.

Knowing that the emperor did not want to punish Dong Xuan, the bodyguard said aloud, “Dong Xuan’s neck is too hard to press down.”

Hearing the bodyguard’s words, the emperor said with a smile: “drive this hard neck out!”

Seeing that the emperor released Dong Xuan, Princess Huyang said angrily, “when you were a civilian, you took in fugitives. Even the officials did not dare to search our house.

Now that you are emperor, how can you be less powerful than you were then? “

“Just because I was emperor, I couldn’t do that again,” he said.

As a result, the emperor not only did not commit Dong Xuan’s crime, but also rewarded him with 300000 funds to enforce the law strictly.

Dong Xuan returned to the government and gave all the money to his officials.

After that, Dong Xuan continued to crack down on illegal dignitaries. The dignitaries in Luoyang trembled at his name.

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