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Prime Minister of Song Dynasty who made great contribution to Yuan Dynasty

Jia Sidao

Jia Sidao was a man of no learning.

He was a prime minister at the end of the Song Dynasty

He was able to become an official mainly because his sister was Zhao Yun’s concubine.

When he became an official, he did nothing. He often took a group of singing girls to drink and have fun on the West Lake.

One night, Zhao Yun (Emperor Lizong) ascended the palace to look around. When he saw the lights on the West Lake, he said to his servants, “this must be Jia Sidao.”

Knowing that Zhao Yun was spoiling Jia Sidao, the servants said in a funny way, “although he is young and likes to play, he has great talent.”

The crisis of the Song Dynasty

After the joint destruction of the Jurchen Jin Dynasty by Empire Of Mongolia and the Southern Song Dynasty, the Southern Song Dynasty took the opportunity to send troops to recover the land in Henan.

Wokuotai said that the Southern Song Dynasty broke the agreement and attacked the Southern Song Dynasty.

Since then, there have been constant wars between the two sides.

After mengge, the nephew of wokuotai, ascended the throne, he sent his younger brother Kublai Khan and general Wu Liang to join forces in Yunnan and control the southwest region.

In 1258 ad, mengge divided into three groups to attack the Southern Song Dynasty.

He himself led the main attack on Hezhou (now Hechuan, Sichuan Province), Kublai Khan attacked Ezhou (now Wuchang, Hubei Province), Wu Liang Hetai attacked Tanzhou (now Changsha, Hunan Province) northward from Yunnan Province.

After preparing to join forces in the three routes, he directly took Lin’an.

When mengge’s army attacked Hezhou, Wang Jian, general of Southern Song Dynasty in Hezhou, and the soldiers and civilians of the whole city rose up to resist and stick to the diaoyu city in the east of Hezhou.

The Mongol army had surrounded the diaoyu city for five months, but mengge was hit by cannon stones and was seriously injured. He died soon after returning to the camp.

Kublai Khan was marching to Ezhou, but he had not crossed the river. When he got news of mengge’s death, he was advised to go back to the north to fight for the throne of Khan.

Kublai Khan said, “I was ordered to attack the Southern Song Dynasty. How can I go back empty handed?”

After observing the situation along the Yangtze River, Kublai Khan sent several hundred brave death squads as pioneers and forced them to cross the Yangtze River.

Soon after, Mongolian troops crossed the river and surrounded Ezhou.

One by one, the alarms were sent to Lin’an(now Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province), shaking the Southern Song Dynasty.

Zhao Yun (known as Emperor Lizong of Song Dynasty in History) ordered all armies to rescue Ezhou, and appointed Jia Sidao to supervise the battle in Hanyang.

After hearing the emperor’s order to himself, Jia Had no choice but to agree.

Jia sidao’s fear

Once, he heard that there was a Mongolian army in front of him. He was so scared that he cried: “what should I do? What to do? “

Later, the Mongolian army robbed some property and left. Jia Sidao clapped his chest and took a breath.

As Kublai Khan attacked the city more and more fiercely. Seeing the tense situation, Jia Sidao secretly sent a confidant to the Mongolian camp to seek peace.

He said that as long as the Mongolian army withdrew, the Southern Song Dynasty would be willing to surrender and pay silver and silk to Mongolia.

At this time, Kublai Khan received a secret message from his wife from the north, saying that some nobles in Mongolia were preparing to make his brother alibuge a Khan.

Kublai Khan was anxious to go back to fight for Khan’s position, so he agreed to Jia Sidao’s request and made a secret agreement.

Jia Sidao promised to give Mongolia the land in the north of the Yangtze River and pay 200000 silver and silk to Mongolia every year.

Then Kublai Khan quickly withdrew his troops and went back to the north.

Jia sidao’s lies

When Jia Sidao returned to Lin’an, he not only kept the secret of the peace treaty, but also captured some Mongolian Army prisoners and boasted of the great victory of various armies.

After hearing Jia Sidao’s big lie, Zhao Yun thought that Jia Sidao had made outstanding contributions. He issued an imperial edict to praise his command and immediately promoted him.

Kublai Khan returned to the north, won the support of most Mongolian nobles, and became a Khan.

Remembering the peace agreement made with Jia Sidao in Ezhou, he sent his envoy Hao Jing to the Southern Song Dynasty to ask for the implementation of the terms of the peace treaty.

When Hao Jing arrived in Zhenzhou (now Yizheng, Jiangsu Province), he first sent a deputy envoy to Jia Sidao.

As soon as Jia Sidao heard that Hao Jing was coming to Lin’an, he was afraid that his deception might be revealed. He quickly sent someone to Zhenzhou to detain Hao Jing.

Kublai Khan was very angry when he heard the news.

At that time, there was internal strife within Mongolia, and Kublai Khan’s younger brother Ali Buge and Kublai Khan fought for power and there was a war.

Kublai Khan tried his best to deal with ALI Bu Ge, so he had to put the Southern Song Dynasty aside for the time being.

Jia Sidao made a living by deception and became a prime minister for more than ten years.

After Zhao Yun’s death, Zhao Qi ascended the throne (known as Emperor Duzong of Song Dynasty in History) .

After Zhao Qi became emperor, Jia Sidao was promoted again.

Kublai Khan stabilized the interior and defeated Ali Buge.

He became emperor in 1271 AD and established the Yuan Dynasty. (known as the emperor Shizu of the Yuan Dynasty in History)

Then Kublai Khan sent generals Liu Zheng and Ashu to attack Xiangyang (the territory of the Southern Song Dynasty).

The army of the Southern Song Dynasty was defeated all the way and Xiangyang was besieged for five years.

Jia Sidao blocked the news from the front line, so that Zhao Qi would not know.

An official wrote to Zhao Qi to complain, but Jia Sidao seized his letter and dismissed him from office.

One day, when Jia Sidao went to court, Zhao Qi asked him, “it’s said that Xiangyang has been surrounded by Mongolian soldiers for several years. What should we do?”

Jia Sidao deliberately pretended to be surprised and said, “We have already defeated the Mongolian army. Where did your majesty hear the news?”

Zhao Qi said: “just heard a maid in palace talk about it.”

After the scattered Dynasty, Jia Sidao found out the palace maid who disclosed the news and found an excuse to kill her.

After that, Zhao Qi never heard of the Mongolian army’s attack.

Speaking of this, I believe you can guess that the Southern Song Dynasty is impossible to stop the Yuan Dynasty’s attack.

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