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The battle that Liu Bei lost

In 220 AD, Cao Pi became emperor and established the power of Cao Wei.

By this time, the Eastern Han Dynasty ended, and the Three Kingdoms era officially began.

In the next year, Liu Bei, the king of Hanzhong, became emperor in Chengdu and established the Shu Han regime.

At that time, Liu Bei was deeply distressed by the two things that Dong wu (also known as eastern wu) occupied Jingzhou and killed Guan Yu.

After he became emperor, the first important thing was to attack Dongwu and avenge the previous events.

Zhao Yun, a general at that time, said that the most important enemy now was Cao Wei, not Dongwu.

Besides Zhao Yun, many ministers also advised Liu Bei not to attack Dongwu.

Liu Bei insisted on attacking Dong Wu

However, he couldn’t listen to anything.

After Liu Bei decided to take action, He asked Zhuge Liang to assist Prince Liu Chan in Chengdu, and then led his army to the expedition to the Dongwu.

While preparing to send troops, Liu Bei informed Zhang Fei to join forces in Jiangzhou.

Before Liu Bei sent out his troops, Zhang Fei was killed by his ministry.

For  Liu Bei, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei are his two very important generals.

Liu Bei’s strength is greatly weakened due to the loss of two powerful generals.

Therefore, if he can think calmly at the moment, he will surely think that he will attack Soochow now, and there will be no good results.

Unfortunately, he has lost the ability to think calmly because of his eagerness to revenge.

Sun Quan, king of Dongwu, was very afraid when he heard that Liu Bei’s army was going to attack him.

So he sent people to ask Liu Bei for peace.

Unfortunately, Liu Bei did not want to make peace with Sun Quan.

A few days later, Liu Bei’s army to Zigui (in the western part of Hubei Province).

At this time, Sun Quan knew that peace was impossible.

Therefore, he sent Lu Xun as the commander in chief to lead 50000 troops to resist Liu Bei’s attack.

After arriving in Zigui, Liu Bei also wanted to continue marching to the hinterland of Dongwu.

Huang Quan, an official with the army, stopped him and said, Dongwu people have always been brave in fighting. Don’t underestimate them.

It is easy for us to advance along with the current, but it is difficult to withdraw.

Or let me be the vanguard and lead the way in front, and your majesty will meet me in the back. It’s safer.

However, Liu Bei is not willing to listen to Huang Quan.

After hearing Huang Quan’s advice, he asked Huang Quan to guard against the sudden attack of the Cao Wei army.

Then he led his main force

Seeing that the enemy was pressing ahead, the Dongwu army all rubbed their hands and wanted to fight them. But Lu Xun disagreed.

Lu xun’s plan

Lu Xun said that at present, Liu Bei‘s army has strong morale and strong combat effectiveness, so it is very difficult for us to breakthrough.

Therefore, we should accumulate our strength and find the best time for us.

Some of Lu Xun’s generals were old generals under sun Ce (Sun Quan’s brother), and some were sun’s aristocrats.

They heard that young Lu Xun was leading them, but they were not convinced.

Now they heard that Lu Xun didn’t agree with them to go to war. They thought Lu Xun was timid and afraid of fighting. They even secretly scolded Lu Xun.

Liu Bei’s army built dozens of barracks along the road, which were more than 300 kilometers long.

Liu Bei thought it was like setting a trap. As long as Dongwu troops attack, they can be easily eliminated.

However, Lu Xun kept the army at rest between January and June in   ad.

After Liu Bei was impatient, he sent a general to take thousands of people down from the mountain to attack the Dongwu army.

The general of the Dongwu army saw this situation and asked to fight back immediately.

Lu Xun said with a smile, “I have observed the terrain. Although few soldiers were camping in the plain, there must be ambushes in the surrounding valleys. They yell at us, and we can’t be fooled by them. “

Knowing that Lu Xun had seen through his plan, Liu Bei withdrew eight thousand troops from the valley.

One day, Lu Xun announced that he was going to attack.

“Liu Bei has already occupied the main road. If we fight now, there will be no chance to win,” the soldiers said.

Lu Xun explained to them, “when Liu Bei first came, his morale was very high and we could not win easily. Now, they have been here for so many days, and the soldiers are very tired. It’s time for us to win.

He sent a small number of troops to attack a camp of the enemy. Just near the wooden fence of the enemy camp, the enemy rushed out from the left and right sides to fight. Then, soldiers from several nearby camps came out to reinforce.

Unable to resist, the Dongwu army immediately retreated.

Lu Xun said: “This is my way to test them. Now I know how to attack Liu Bei’s army.”

In the evening of that day, Lu Xun ordered the officers and men to take a bunch of grass and fire to ambush in the dense forest on the south bank.

At midnight, the generals of Dongwu army led tens of thousands of soldiers to rush into the camp of Liu Bei’s army, and then set fire to the wooden fence of the camp.

That night, the wind was blowing hard.

As these camps are all linked together, when a camp is lit, the nearby camp will burn up together.

When Liu Bei knew how big the fire was, he could not resist it.

Under the protection of military officers and men, Liu Bei finally broke out of the fire and escaped to Ma’anshan.

Lu Xun ordered all kinds of troops to encircle Ma’anshan and launch a fierce attack.

Soon after, the tens of thousands of soldiers left on Ma’anshan were defeated by the Dongwu army.

After the battle lasted for a long time, Liu Bei successfully broke out of the encirclement with a small group of people.

After finding Liu Bei out of the encirclement, the Dongwu army immediately chased Liu Bei.

Fortunately, Liu Bei successfully escaped to Baidi city.

This war, which made Liu Bei lose, was called the battle of Juting or Yiling in history.

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