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Taikang lost power

Taikang (Yu’s grandson), the third emperor of the Xia Dynasty, liked hunting. He went out hunting with his entourage, often not returning for a hundred days, and he didn’t bother to pay attention to government affairs.

This is an emperor who has not enough minds. He only knows that power can Make him happy, But he didn’t know that leaving the capital meant leaving the power.

One day, Taikang, who had left the capital for more than 100 days, was intercepted by the army.

At this time, Taikang knew that while he was far away from the capital, you qiong tribe suddenly attacked and captured his capital.

The leader of this army is Hou Yi, he is a half-human and half-god hero in mythology. Has excellent archery skills.

xia dynasty myth

The myths related to Houyi are mainly Hou Yi Shoots the Suns.

This myth is have ten suns in ancient times, taking turns on duty. One sun came out every day, shining all over the earth, and the other nine suns were resting at home.

As the day passed, the suns slowly became tired, and suddenly they all ran out, roasting the ground and the seedlings scorched, the river evaporated, the mountains and forests ignited raging fires, and the wild beasts were burnt everywhere, devouring countless people.

Facing this circumstances, Houyi was so angry ,that He raised his bow and arrow and shot 9 suns.

Finally, Hou Yi asked the last sun to work obediently every day.

Like any myth of that era, this story metaphors fierce power struggles.

The you qiong tribe’s Houyi occupied the capital, and Taikang became the first emperor in exile in Chinese history.

Four years later, Taikang died of poverty and disease.This event is called Taikang lost his country.

In the capital city, Hou Yi did not dare to blatantly claim to be king, so he allowed one of Taikang’s younger brother Zhong Kang to take the throne.

So Zhong Kang under the blade became the fourth emperor of the Xia Dynasty. The historical prototype of Hou Yi Shoots the Suns took place during this period.

The so-called shooting of the sun refers to attacking the two tribes of the Xi shi and He shi who are responsible for calendars and seasons.

The early people knew nothing. When they saw these two tribes in charge of the calendar and seasons, they thought the sun was commanded by these two tribes.

after Zhong Kang came to the throne, using the seasonal chaos as an excuse, Hou Yi ordered Zhong Kang to send troops to conquer the Xi shi tribe and the He shi tribe.

Perhaps the Xi shi tribe and the He shi tribe really had ten chiefs, or perhaps ten was just a general term.

In short, After the leaders of these two tribes were killed. People say Hou Yi shot down nine suns.

soon after, Hou Yi completed the evolution from man to god in one leap, while Zhong Kang lived in fear under the shadow of Hou Yi’s huge power.

After a period of time, Zhong Kang died.Immediately afterwards, Hou Yi made Zhong Kang’s son the emperor.

The death of Hou Yi

Soon thereafter, Hou Yi announced that he had become emperor.

Fortunately, Zhong Kang’s son managed to escape to Puyang, Henan and rebuilt the capital there..

The pleasure brought by power allowed Hou Yi to break through the bottom line of life.

He discovered that official in charge of music had an extremely beautiful daughter called You reng shi.

In order to obtain You reng shi, Hou Yi declared that official in charge of music was the leader of the political reactionary group.

Then, he snatched You reng shi.

At this time, in Weifang, Shandong, there was a tribe called Han Guo, and the chief of the tribe was Bo Ming.

Boming discovered that there was a noble child named Hanyun in the tribe who was scheming and deceitful, so he exiled Hanyun.

After Han Yun changed from a nobleman to a beggar, he decided to find Houyi.

Hou Yi admired Han Yun very much and immediately regarded him as his confidant, and soon appointed him as prime minister.

Han Yun often went in and out of hou yi’s imperial harem or seraglio.

Soon after, he got involved with Hou Yi’s wife and concubine.

Then Han Yun conspired with Hou Yi’s disciple Feng Meng to let Feng Meng kill Hou Yi secretly.

Immediately afterwards, Feng Meng shot Hou yi with an arrow while Hou yi was out hunting.

Shaokang revived Xia Dynasty

After Han Zhuo killed the sixth emperor (Hou Yi) of the Xia Dynasty, he declared that all of Hou Yi’s wives and concubines belonged to him.

Soon after, he became the seventh emperor of the Xia Dynasty.

The seventh emperor has already come out, But in Puyang, Henan, the fifth emperor is still there.

The emperor was called Xiang, and the reason he came there was to avoid Houyi

Faced with this situation, Han Zhuo sent an army to destroy him.

Under the attack of the army, Xiang’s city was broken and he himself was killed.

Amidst the chaos, A concubine of the Xiang successfully escaped.

Soon after, this concubine gave birth to a child named Shao kang.

After receiving the news, Han Zhuo Knew that xiang still has son in the world.

 So He sent people to search and kill, and then a series of dangerous escapes of Shao kang began.

In the end, Shaokang escaped to Yu tribe in the Shangqiu area of ​​Henan, where he was secretly protected by Yu Si’s chief.

Meanwhile, Hou Yi’s supporters broke through the capital and killed Han Zhuo.

Because Hou Yi’s son had been killed, the tribes sent troops to welcome Shaokang back to power.

This period of history is called “Shao kang Zhong xing”.

After becoming emperor, Shaokang discovered that Han Zhuo had two other sons who were in charge of two tribes.

Therefore, Shao kang adopted Han Zhuo’s method to deal with Houyi and sent a minister named Nv Ai and his son Ji Zhu to infiltrate the two tribes separately.

Finally, Han Zhuo’s two sons died in the hands of his minister and his son.

Some historians say Nu AI and Ji Zhu were the earliest spies in Chinese history.

Xia dynasty vs shang dynasty

There is a tribe called Shang in the lower reaches of the Yellow River.

It is said that Xie, the ancestor of Shang Dynasty, was a meritorious man who managed floods together with Yu during the period of Yao and shun.

Because of the rapid development of animal husbandry, the Shang tribe had become a powerful tribe when Tang became the leader.

When Tang was the leader, the emperor of Xia Dynasty was Xia Jie.

Xia Jie was a famous tyrant. He and his slave owners oppressed the people cruelly, built palaces and lived a luxurious life.

Guan long pang, the Minister of Xia Jie, said that if he went on like this, he would lose his heart.

 Xia Jie was furious and killed Guan long pang. The people hated Xia Jie thoroughly and cursed, “When are you going to die?”

Tang saw Xia Jie’s cruelty and determined to eliminate Xia Dynasty.

In order to achieve this goal, Tang conquered many surrounding tribes, thus expanding his power.

At the same time, xiajie didn’t realize what was going to happen next.

Among the accompanying slaves brought by Tang’s wife was Yi Yin. It is said that when Yi Yin came to tang’s house, he became a cook and served Tang.

Later, Shang Tang found out that Yi Yin was different from other slaves.

After Yi Yin told Tang a lot about governing the country, Tang promoted Yi Yin as his assistant.

Tang and Yi Yin discussed the crusade against Xia Jie. Yi Yin said: “now Xia Jie still has strength. Let’s stop paying tribute and see what he’ll do.”

Tang stopped paying tribute to Xia Jie according to Yi Yin’s plan.

In his anger, Xia Jie ordered all the tribes to attack Tang.

Tang saw that they were still obedient to Xia Jie, and immediately resumed the tribute.

Xia dynasty end

After a year, some tribes could not bear the oppression and blackmail of the Xia Dynasty and gradually betrayed the Xia Dynasty.

After discussing with Yi Yin, Tang decided to summon the whole army, and Tang swore to everyone in person.

Tang said: “I dare not rebel, but Xia Jie committed many evils. God wants me to destroy him. I dare not disobey the mandate of heaven.”

Relying on this excuse and everyone’s hatred of Xia Jie, Tang successfully mobilized the army.

After a series of wars, Xia Jie was sent to the South nest by Tang Liu.

Finally, Tang successfully established the Shang Dynasty.

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