Chinese history

The establishment and reform of Sui Dynasty

Emperor Wen of Sui

His personal name is Yang Jian.

In 581 ad, Yang Jian, the father-in-law of the emperor of the Zhou Dynasty of the Northern Dynasty, seized the power of the Zhou Dynasty of the Northern Dynasty and established the Sui Dynasty. (he was called Emperor Wen of Sui Dynasty in History)

After Yang Jian established the Sui Dynasty, the next step he wanted to do was to unify China.

For him, the biggest problem in unifying China was the Chen Dynasty of the Southern Dynasty.

The absurdity of Chen Shubao

At that time, the emperor of the Chen Dynasty of the Southern Dynasty was Chen Shubao. He was a very ridiculous emperor.

When Chen Shubao was in power, he built three luxurious Pavilions, terraces and open halls for his beloved concubines to live in.

His Prime Minister Jiang Zong and Shang Shu Kong fan were a group of decadent literati.

Chen Shubao and his beloved concubines often hold banquets in the palace. When the banquet is held, let them participate together.

The people who attended the banquet drank and wrote poems all night long. They also put their poems to music. Then they selected more than 1000 maids to sing for them.

If Chen Shubao wanted to live such a life, he naturally had to plunder the common people cruelly.

Minister Fu Zai once wrote that: “the people now hate the court very much. If it goes on like this, I’m afraid it will be finished.”

When Chen Shubao saw the content of Fu Zai’s letter, he sent someone to say to him, “can you admit your mistake? I will forgive you if you will.”

“My heart is the same as my face,” Fu Zai said. If my face can be changed, my heart can be changed. “

After hearing this, Chen Shubao killed Fu Zai.

When Chen Shubao lived such a life, Yang Jian always wanted to unify China.

He listened to the Counsellors’ strategies and always threatened to attack in the harvest season, which made the people of the Chen Dynasty of the Southern Dynasty unable to harvest crops.

For several years in succession, the agricultural production of the Chen Dynasty of the Southern Dynasty was greatly affected, and the morale of the garrison was also relaxed.

Yang Jian launched an attack

In 588 A.D., Emperor Wen of the Sui dynasty built a large number of warships and asked several generals to lead a 510000 army. They divided their troops into eight routes and prepared to cross the river to attack.

Emperor Wen of the Sui Dynasty personally issued the imperial edict of Crusade, declaring Chen Shubao 20 counts of crimes, and copying 300000 copies of the imperial edict, then sent people to send them around.

The people of the Chen Dynasty of the Southern Dynasty hated Chen Shubao deeply, and when they saw the imperial edict, their hearts were even more shaken.

From Yong’an, the Navy led by Yang Su sailed down the Yangtze River in thousands of Huanglong ships.

The ships were covered with banners, and the soldiers’ armor glittered in the sun.

The guards of the Chen Dynasty of the Southern Dynasty were shocked to see that there was no courage to resist.

At the same time, the urgent alarm was constantly delivered to the hand of the Chen Shubao.

Chen Shubao was drunk with his beloved concubine and literati. When he received the alarm, he didn’t even dismantle it, so he threw it under the bed.

After more and more ministers asked to discuss resistance to the Sui army, Chen Shubao asked them to discuss it.

Chen Shubao said: “this is a blessed land. In the past, the Qi Dynasty of the Northern Dynasty came to attack three times, and the Zhou Dynasty of the Northern Dynasty came twice, all of which failed.”

Kong fan, his favorite minister, echoed: “Your Majesty is right. It must be the officials guarding the river who want to be insatiable and deliberately fabricate this false news.”

They didn’t take the army of the Sui Dynasty as one thing, and they asked the singing girls to play music and drink wine.

When it was very urgent, Chen Shubao woke up with a start.

At this time, there were more than 100000 defenders in Jiankang (the capital of the Chen Dynasty of the Southern Dynasty, now Nanjing), but none of Chen Shubao’s favorite ministers knew how to command the army.

Chen Shubao burst into tears, but he didn’t know what to do.

The army of the Sui Dynasty successfully attacked Jiankang city. Some troops of the Chen Dynasty of the Southern Dynasty were captured and some surrendered.

When the Sui Dynasty army entered the palace, Chen Shubao could not be found everywhere.

Later, they learned from eunuchs that Chen Shubao had escaped to the well in the back hall.

When the soldiers found the well mentioned by the eunuch, they faintly saw someone in the well and cried out.

However, the people in the well did not reply.

The soldiers then called out, “if you don’t answer, we’re going to throw stones.”

With that, the soldier picked up a big stone and put it on the well head and pretended to throw it.

Then Chen Shubao, who was hiding in the well, screamed.

Since then, Yang Jian successfully unified China.

After the reunification, Yang Jian took various measures to consolidate his rule, such as reforming the military system, establishing the imperial examination system, selecting competent officials and severely punishing corrupt officials.

After his rectification and reform, the political situation was stable and the social economy was prosperous.

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