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The establishment of the Eastern Jin Dynasty

Liu Yuan’s attack

At the end of the Western Jin Dynasty, Liu Yuan, the Hun, successfully established hanzhao (also known as Qian Zhao or Han state) and let some relatively small anti Jin forces attach to him.

In 308 A.D., Liu Yuan officially became emperor. In the next year, he moved his capital to Pingyang (now Linfen, Shanxi Province), and concentrated his troops to attack Luoyang (the capital of the Western Jin Dynasty).

Although the common people in Luoyang hated the decadent Western Jin Dynasty, they did not want to be ruled by huns.

Therefore, Liu Yuan’s two attacks were fiercely resisted by Luoyang army and people.

After Liu Yuan’s death, his son Liu Cong took over as Emperor, and sent General Liu Yao and Shi Le to attack Luoyang.

The army and the people of Luoyang bravely resisted, but after all, they were outnumbered.

In 311 ad, Luoyang was occupied and Emperor Huai of Jin Dynasty was captured.

After entering Luoyang, Liu Cong killed a large number of officials and people.

At a banquet, Liu Cong asked Emperor Huai of Jin Dynasty to put on his servant’s clothes and pour wine for others.

Some of the remaining ministers of the Western Jin Dynasty cried when they saw this scene.

After Emperor Huai of Jin Dynasty was killed by Liu Cong, officials in Chang’an of the Western Jin Dynasty supported Sima ye, the nephew of Emperor Huai of Jin Dynasty, to succeed to the throne.(known as emperor min of Jin Dynasty in History)

In 316 ad, Liu Cong captured Chang’an.

The unfortunate emperor was insulted and killed by Liu Cong.

From then on, the Western Jin Dynasty was destroyed.

Sima Rui’s situation

After the fall of the Western Jin Dynasty, the South was still in the hands of the officials of the Western Jin Dynasty.

Before the emperor min of Jin Dynasty was captured, he left an imperial edict to let Sima Rui, the king of Langya, who was stationed in Jiankang (now Nanjing, Jiangsu Province), to inherit the throne.

Sima Rui’s status and reputation in the royal family of the Western Jin Dynasty was not high.

When he went to Jiankang to be the king of Langya, he brought a group of officials from the Northern gentry, the most famous of which was Wang Dao.

Sima Rui believes in Wangdao and regards him as a close friend..

When simarui first arrived at Jiankang, some local dignitaries looked down upon him.

In order to get their respect, Sima Rui asked Wang Dao to help himself.

Wang Dao had a cousin, Wang Dun, who was a governor in Yangzhou at that time. He was very influential.

Wang Dao invited him to Jiankang and came up with a good idea with him.

On the third day of March this year, according to the local custom, people and officials went to the riverside to “seek happiness and eliminate disasters”.

On this day, Wang Dao asked Sima Rui to go to the riverside in a gorgeous sedan chair. In front of him, a guard of honor sounded the gong. Wang Dao, Wang Dun, and other officials and celebrities from the North followed each other on horseback, forming a very powerful team.

On this day, there were a lot of people watching the excitement along the river.

Everyone saw this kind of grand display which had never been seen before.

After hearing what Sima Rui did, the local dignitaries were shocked.

In order not to neglect Sima Rui, they lined up one by one on the roadside to see Sima Rui.

Since then, Sima Rui has gained prestige among the local dignitaries..

Then,Wang Dao urged Sima Rui to say, “Gu Rong and he Xun are famous people in this area. As long as you pull these two people over, others will follow us. “

Sima Rui sent Wang Dao to invite Gu Rong and he Xun to become officials. Both of them were happy to see Sima Rui. Sima Rui received them attentively and made them officials.

Since then, local dignitaries have supported Sima Rui.

After the chaos in the north, the powerful officials in the North fled to the south for refuge.

Wang Dao also persuaded Sima Rui to absorb all the famous among them to the palace. Sima Rui listened to Wang Dao’s advice and absorbed 106 people to become an official in the palace.

Sima Rui established the Eastern Jin Dynasty

In 317 ad, Sima Rui ascended the throne in Jiankang (known as Emperor yuan of Jin Dynasty in History) and established the Eastern Jin Dynasty.

On the day of his accession to the throne, Wang Dao and the civil and military officials came to the palace to see him.

When Sima Rui sees Wang Dao, he stands up from the throne, pulls him in, and asks him to sit on the throne to accept the worship of all officials.

This unexpected move surprised Wang Dao.

In order to refuse, Wang Dao said. If the sun is with ordinary creatures, how can creatures get sunlight? “

Sima Rui was very happy with Wang’s flattery, so he no longer forced him.

But Sima Rui always believed that he could ascend the throne only by the power of Wang Dao and Wang dun.

In order to express his gratitude, he made Wang Dao serve as Shangshu, in charge of the power of the court, and Wang Dun was in charge of the military affairs.

At that time, there was a saying among the people that “wang and ma, share the world”. It means that Wang and Sima jointly controlled the power of the Eastern Jin Dynasty.

Wang Dun, who was in charge of military power, thought that he was great and did not pay attention to the emperor yuan of Jin Dynasty.

The emperor yuan of Jin Dynasty also saw Wang Dun’s arrogance.

In order to deal with them, Emperor yuan of the Jin Dynasty also used Liu Kai and Diao Xie.

In this way, the newly established Eastern Jin Dynasty had cracks inside.

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