Chinese history

The establishment of Zhou Dynasty

After being king for four years, King Wu of Zhou (Ji fa) decided to make Jiang Zi ya a marshal of the army and launch a war to wipe out the Shang Dynasty.

After the war began, King Wu of Zhou summoned the princes to cross the river in Meng jin.

At this time, the river turned up a huge wave.

King Wu of Zhou was startled. He carried bronze weapons in one hand, and waved a big flag in the other.

He cried out, “I am King Wu of Zhou. What God is making trouble in the river?”

After a while, the river finally calmed down.

They all took a breath. They thought it was the gods in the river who were afraid of King Wu of Zhou, so they crossed the river to March.

Just as the troops were marching along the wall, the wall suddenly collapsed and Almost hit the troops below.

Seeing this, King Wu of Zhou thought, did his actions infuriate God?

After a period of ideological struggle, King Wu of Zhou felt that he wanted to move on.

When the troops arrived at gong tou mountain, there was something wrong with the mountain from afar, as if it was shaking.

After a while, a stream of earth and rock rushed to the troops.

When they arrived at the safety zone, They began to think about whether to move on.

King Wu pondered for a while and decided to let everyone not be superstitious and move on.

After a while, dark clouds came from all directions.

After a few seconds, The army’s horse was killed by lightning.

Seeing the situation in front of him, King Wu of Zhou did not dare to move forward.

At this time, Jiang Zi ya came over and said, “Horse death is just a small matter, there are many other losses?”

King Wu of Zhou said, “retreat?”.

Jiang Zi ya said with a smile: “March thousands of miles, encounter any strange things are possible, we continue to move forward.”

Encouraged by Jiang Zi ya, the army continued to advance.

According to records, On the way to the March, all kinds of strange things came out one after another.

If Jiang Zi ya does not insist on advancing, this expedition is doomed to be abandoned halfway.

In addition to this, Jiang Zi ya also had two plans to attack the Shang Dynasty.

The first group, which was the inner part of the palace, aimed to make king Zhou (Di xin) of the Shang Dynasty know nothing about what happened to the outside world.

The second is a trick learned by Jiang Zi ya in his early years.

He prepared many mysterious pills and sent people to take them to the children of Chao ge.(the capital of the Shang Dynasty)

When the children take the medicine, they will be red all over.

People who let their children take medicine said that if they want to cure the disease, they must say that the Shang Dynasty is dead.

The common people were startled to see these children who behaved strangely and were red all over.

This is also the reason why Jiang Zi ya kept the army moving forward when he was constantly confronted with strange and ominous omens.

The first person to discover army was minister Jiao Li.

When he went out to do business, he saw that there was dust in the outskirts of the city, and tens of thousands of people were crowding together.

He was surprised and asked, “what are you doing here?”

The army told him: we are here to attack King Zhou of Shang . Go back to tell him quickly and let his army fight us.

The Jiao li was startled and went back to report the news.

When King Zhou of Shang heard this news, he immediately put together 700000 people, and led them to fight in Muye.

At this time, he thought, King Wu of Zhou had no more than 50000 troops.

However, most of the 700000 Shang army were temporarily armed slaves and prisoners.

They were oppressed and maltreated by King Zhou of Shang on weekdays, and they hated him deeply.

In the Mu ye battlefield, When King Wu of Zhou attacked bravely, they turned their spearheads and turned their swords one after another.

After a while, the army of 700000 people soon disintegrated.

After seeing that the general situation had passed away, King Zhou of Shang set himself on fire in grief and indignation.

Finally, King Wu of Zhou successfully established the Zhou Dynasty.

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