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The fate of the three generals

Liu Bang

In 202 BC, Liu Bang, king of the Han Dynasty, became the emperor officially, known as Emperor Gaozu of Han Dynasty in history. (the Western Han Dynasty dates from 206 BC when Liu Bang was called the king of the Han Dynasty).

At first, Emperor Gaozu of the Han Dynasty set the capital in Luoyang, and later moved the capital to Chang’an (now Xi’an, Shaanxi Province).

For more than 200 years since then, the capital of the Han Dynasty has been in Chang’an. (this period was called the Western Han Dynasty in History)

Shortly after his accession to the throne, Emperor Gaozu of Han Dynasty held a celebration party in Luoyang.

He said to the ministers, “tell me how I got the world? How did Xiang Yu lose the world? “

A minister said, “the emperor sent officers and men to fight down the city, and they were rewarded, so they were willing to serve the emperor. Xiang Yu was suspicious and jealous of the meritorious and talented people. He won the battle and did not remember the merits of others, so he lost the world.”

Emperor Gaozu of Han Dynasty said with a smile, “you only know one, but you don’t know the other. I’m not as good as Zhang Liang in making a plan; I’m not as good as Xiao He in governing the country and pacifying the people; I’m not as good as Han Xin in  winning a war. All three are contemporary heroes. I can reuse them, and That’s why I won the world. “

IIn the war with Xiang Yu for the world (the Chu Han war), some of the generals who led the army made great contributions, so emperor Gaozu of the Han Dynasty had to make them king.

Among these king, Han Xin, king of Chu, Peng Yue, king of Liang, yingbu,king of Huainan, had the greatest contributions and the strongest forces.

There was a general named Zhong limi who was originally under Xiang Yu. Emperor Gaozu of Han Dynasty was trying to arrest him, but Han Xin took him in.

The next year, someone told he that Han Xin wanted to rebel. Emperor Gaozu of Han Dynasty asked the minister what to do. Many people advocated sending troops to destroy Han Xin. Only Chen Ping objected.

Chen Ping said: “Han Xin’s soldiers are better than us, and his generals are better than us. It is very dangerous to use force against him.”

Liu Bang’s method

Later, Emperor Gaozu of the Han Dynasty adopted Chen Ping’s strategy and pretended to Inspection yunmengze and ordered Han Xin to meet in chendi.

When Han Xin arrived at chendi, Emperor Gaozu of Han Dynasty asked the warrior to tie up Han Xin.

Some people advised him to look at the past credit of Han Xin and give him a lighter punishment.

Only then did emperor Gaozu of the Han Dynasty absolve him of his crime, abolishing his title of king of Chu and changing his title to Marquis of Huaiyin.

After Han Xin was demoted, he was depressed and often said that he was ill.

A few years later, a general named Chen Xi rebelled and claimed to be the dai king, occupying more than 20 cities at once.

Emperor Gaozu of the Han Dynasty wanted Han Xin and Peng Yue to attack Chen Xi together.

However, both men refused to send troops because they were ill.

As a result, Emperor Gaozu of Han Dynasty had to attack Chen Xi himself.

After he led his troops to leave Chang’an, someone reported to empress Lu that Han Xin and Chen Xi were accomplices. They also wanted to cooperate inside and outside to launch a rebellion.

Empress Lu discussed a plan with the prime minister Xiao He, and deliberately spread the news that Chen Xi was arrested and asked ministers to enter the palace for discussion.

As soon as Han Xin entered the palace gate, he was captured and killed by the warrior in advance.

Less than three months after Han Xin was killed, Emperor Gaozu of Han Dynasty killed Chen Xi and returned to Luoyang.

Liu Bang sent someone to arrest Peng Yue

Soon after, Peng Yue’s subordinates denounced Peng Yue for conspiracy.

When he heard the news, he sent someone to arrest Peng Yue and put him in prison.

Because there was no real evidence of Peng Yue’s conspiracy, he was punished as a civilian and moved to Sichuan.

Peng Yue met empress Lu on his way to Sichuan.

He cried to empress Lu that he was not guilty. He begged empress Lu to say a good word for him in front of emperor Gaozu of Han Dynasty and let him go back to his hometown.

Empress Lu went to Luoyang and said to Emperor Gaozu of Han Dynasty, “Peng Yue is a strong man. If you send him to Sichuan, you will let the tiger return to the mountain.”

After listening to empress Lu’s words, he executed Peng Yue.

After Han Xin and Peng Yue both died, yingbu led his subordinates to revolt.

Finally, he succeeded in killing yingbu.

Since then, the power of emperor Gaozu of the Han Dynasty has been even greater.

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