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The story of Duke Huan of Qi and Guan Zhong (1)

After the collapse of the Western Zhou Dynasty,the princes established Yi jiu as the new emperor of Zhou.

He was known as king Ping of Zhou in history.

King Ping of Zhou moved the capital to Luoyi, and the Eastern Zhou Dynasty began to appear in history.

The Eastern Zhou Dynasty is divided into two periods: the spring and Autumn period and the Warring States period.

At this time, King Ping of Zhou was nominally the common monarch of all countries.

However, his actual status was only equivalent to that of a middle-sized state.

At this time, the more powerful Vassal States annexed small countries by force, and the big powers also competed with each other for land and often fought wars.

The strongest one, known as the overlord, can command other princes.

In the spring and Autumn period, Qi was the first to dominate.

In 686 B.C., civil strife broke out in Qi state. Duke Qi Xiang killed.

Qi Xiang has two brothers, one is called Gong zi jiu, who lives in the state of Lu; the other is Gong zi xiao bai, who is in Ju state.

The teacher of Gong zi jiu is called Guan Zhong, and that of Gong zi xiao bai is Bao Shu ya.

When they heard the news that Duke Qi Xiang was killed, they were eager to return to the state of Qi to fight for the throne.

In order to maintain the relationship with Qi in the future, Duke Lu Zhuang decided to escort Gong zi jiu back to Qi.

Guan Zhong said to Duke Lu Zhuang, “Gong zi xiao bai is in Ju state, very close to Qi state. If he arrives early, things will be in trouble. “

Soon after, Guan Zhong took some people to the neighborhood of Gong zi xiao bai.

Seeing  Gong zi xiao bai escorted by Ju army, Guan Zhong shoots his arrow at him.

A few seconds later, Guan Zhong heard Gong zi xiao bai yell and fell into the car.

After hearing this, Guan Zhong thought Gong zi xiao bai was dead.

But  Gong zi xiao bai’s shouting is actually a trick.

By the time Gong zi jiu and Guan Zhong entered the territory of Qi, Xiaobai and Bao Shuya had already arrived in the capital of Qi.

Therefore, Gong zi xiao bai became the ruler of Qi successfully.

This is what happened when Gong zi xiao bai became Duke Huan of Qi.

After Duke Huan of Qi ascended the throne, he immediately sent troops to defeat the state of Lu, and informed Duke Lu zhuang that he must kill Gong zi jiu and send Guan Zhong back to the state of Qi for punishment.

Guan Zhong was sent to the state of Qi in a prison car. Bao Shu ya immediately recommended Guan Zhong to Duke Huan of Qi.

Duke Huan of Qi angrily said, “Guan Zhong shot me with an arrow and wanted my life. Can I still use him?”

Bao Shuya said: “at that time, he was the teacher of Gong zi jiu. He shot you with an arrow. It was his loyalty to him. In terms of ability, he is much better than me. If you want to do something big, Guan Zhong is a useful person. “

Duke Huan of Qi was a man with a broad mind. After listening to Bao Shu ya’s words, he not only refused to punish Guan Zhong, but also immediately appointed him prime minister to administer the state affairs.

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