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The story of emperor yao and shun, Yu

Emperor Yao heard about Shun

In the primitive society, there were three well-known tribal alliance leaders named Yao, Shun and Yu. They were originally the leaders of a tribe, and were later elected as the leaders of the tribal alliance.

    At that time, if you were the leader of the tribal alliance, you had to discuss with the leaders of the tribes if you had any major issues.

    Yao is getting old and wants to find someone to inherit his position. Once, he summoned the leaders of the Quartet tribe to discuss.

    After Yao said his plan, a man named Fang Qi said, “Your son Danzhu is an enlightened person, and it is very appropriate to inherit your seat.”

    Another person named Gudou said: “The gongong in charge of water conservancy have done a good job.” Yao said solemnly: “No, gonggong has bad morals .”

    A discussion was inconclusive, and Yao continued to look for his heir. Once, the leaders of the surrounding tribes recommended Shun to him

    Yao nodded and said, “Oh! I also heard that this man is very good. Can you tell me more about his deeds?”

The situation of Emperor Shun

    Everyone explained Shun’s situation: Shun‘s father was a Very bad person.

    Shun’s biological mother died early, and his stepmother was very bad.

    The younger brother born to the stepmother was named Xiang, very arrogant, but his father spoiled him very much.

    Shun lives in such a family and treats his parents and brother very well.

    Therefore, everyone thinks that Shun is a good person.

    He married his two daughters, Ehuang and Nuying, to Shun, and built a granary for Shun and gave him a lot of cattle and sheep.

    When the stepmother and younger brother saw it, they decided to kill Shun to obtain these wealth.

    Soon after, his father asked Shun to repair the roof of the granary. When Shun used a ladder to climb to the top of the warehouse, his father set fire below, trying to burn Shun to death.

    When Shun found a fire on the top of the warehouse, he wanted to find a ladder, but the ladder had disappeared.

    Fortunately, Shun carried two hats with him. He Waving the hat in both hands and jumped down . The hat floated in the wind, and Shun fell gently to the ground without any injuries.

    Soon after, they asked Shun to clean the well.

    After Shun jumped down the well, his father and brother started filling the well with earth and rocks, trying to bury Shun alive.

    Unexpectedly, Shun dug a hole in the side of the well, then drilled it out and went home safely.

    His brother didn’t know that Shun had escaped, so he went home happily and said, “This time, we can divide Shun’s wealth.”

    Later, when he went to Shun’s room, he found Shun in the room. Seeing this scene, he said awkwardly: “Hey, I miss you so much!

    Shun also pretended to be nonchalant and said, “You came just right, I have so many things, and I need you to help me take care of it.”

Emperor Yao decided to abdicate

    Yao listened to the deeds of Shun introduced by everyone, and after investigation, he believed that Shun was indeed a good and capable person, so he gave Shun the position of leader.

Emperor Shun worked hard

    After Shun took over, he was also industrious and frugal, working like ordinary people, and he was trusted by everyone.

   After a few years, Yao died, and Shun wanted to give the position of leader of the tribal alliance to Yao’s son Danzhu, but everyone did not agree. Shun only officially became the leader.

During Yao’s reign, there was a great flood in the Yellow River Basin, crops were flooded, houses were destroyed, and the people had to move to higher places.

    There are venomous snakes and beasts in many places hurting people, making people unable to live.

    Yao held a meeting of the tribal alliance to discuss the issue of water governance. He asked the leaders of the Surrounding tribes: Who is sent to deal with the flood? The chiefs all recommend Gun.

    Yao doesn’t trust Gun. The chiefs said: “There is no better talent than Gun now, try it!” Yao reluctantly agreed.

    Gun spent nine years on water control, but failed to subdue the flood. Because he only knows how to build dikes.

    After Shun took over as the leader of the tribal alliance, he personally investigated the situation.

    He found that Gun was not doing well, so he killed Gun and asked Gun’s son Yu to control the water.

Great Yu Who Controlled the Waters

    Yu used the method of dredging the river to lead the flood into the sea.

    He worked with the common people, wearing a hat, holding a spade, and taking the lead in digging and picking the soil.

    Not long after his wedding, Yu continued to control the flood.

     He passed by three times but didn’t enter the house. Once, his wife Tu Shan gave birth to his son Qi, and the baby was crying.

    Yu passed by the door and heard the crying, But he didn’t go in and take a look.

    After 13 years of hard work, the flood was finally led to the sea, and the ground can be used for people to grow crops again.

    People of future generations praised Yu for his achievements in water control, and respected him as Dayu.

Great yu became the chief of the tribe

    When Shun was old, He started looking for an heir . Because of Yu’s merits in controlling water, everyone chose Yu. When Shun died, Yu succeeded as the leader of the tribal alliance.

    At this time, with the development of productivity, a person not only maintains his own life, but also produces more things.

    The chiefs of clans and tribes use their status to use the surplus products as their private property and become the nobles of the clan.

    With the surplus products, war broke out between the tribe and the tribe, then Treat captives as slaves to work for the nobles. In this way, two classes of slave and slave owner gradually formed.

    Because of Yu’s achievements in water control, the prestige and power of the leader of the tribal alliance has been improved.

    Legend has it that when Yu was old, he visited the East and gathered leaders of many tribes In Kuaiji Mountain.

   Those who went to see Yu held jade silk in their hands, and the ceremony was very grand.

   A tribal leader named Fang Fengshi Come latest. Yu thought he looked down on himself, so he killed him. This shows that Yu has transformed from tribal leader to king.

    Yu originally had an assistant named Gaotao. he once helped Yu manage political affairs. After Gao Tao’s death, Gao Tao’s son Boyi also served as Yu’s assistant.

    According to the actions of Emperor Yao and Shun, Boyi should have been made Yu’s heir.

Xia dynasty established

However, after Yu died, the nobles of the his tribe where Yu belonged supported Yu’s son Qi to inherit Yu’s seat.

    Later, Qi established the Xia Dynasty (some say founded by Great yu), the first slave dynasty in Chinese history.

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