to offer a humble apology
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To offer a humble apology

In order to make the State of Zhao submissive, King Zhaoxiang of Qin invaded the state of Zhao one after another.

Qin kingdom’s banquet

In 279 BC, he invited King Zhao Huiwen to meet in Mianchi (land of The State of Qin).

King Huiwen of Zhao was afraid of being detained by the state of Qin.

Both Lian Po and Lin Xiangru thought that if he did not go, he would show his weakness to the state of Qin.

King Huiwen of Zhao decided to take a risk. He asked Lin Xiangru to go with him and let Lian Po stay in his country to help the crown prince.

In case of an accident. King Huiwen of Zhao sent Li Mu, a general, with an escort of five thousand men, and Zhao sheng with tens of thousands of men to meet him at the border.

To the scheduled meeting date, the king of Qin and the king of Zhao met in Mianchi, and held a banquet, happy to drink and chat.

After drinking several glasses of wine, King Zhaoxiang of Qin said to King Huiwen of Zhao, “It is said that the king of the state of Zhao can play se(Ancient stringed instruments) very well. Ask the king of Zhao to play a song for us all.”

King Huiwen of Zhao could not refuse, so he had to play a song reluctantly.

The historian of the state of Qin wrote this down on the spot and read aloud: “The king of Qin and the king of Zhao met in Mianchi.Then the king of Qin ordered the king of Zhao to play a song.”

Lin Xiangru’s action

At that moment, Lin Xiangru knelt down before the king of Qin and said, “The king of Zhao heard that the king of Qin knows the Musical Instruments of the state of Qin.

I have here an earthen basin(A percussion instrument of the state of Qin), which I invite you to knock for pleasure.”

The king of Qin was so angry that he ignored him.

Lin xiangru said, “Your Majesty is too bullying. Though the troops of Qin are powerful, I can splash my blood on you within these five steps!”

Hearing Lin Xiangru’s words, king Zhaoxiang of Qin had no choice but to knock randomly on the earthen basin.

Lin Xiangru asked the historian of the state of Zhao to also write this down and said: “The king of Zhao and the king of Qin met in Mianchi. The king of Qin knocked the earthen basin for the king of Zhao.”

When the officials of the state of Qin saw Lin Xiangru’s behavior, they were very angry.

Someone stood up and said, “Please ask the king of The state of Zhao to cede 15 cities as a birthday present for the king of the state of Qin.”

Lin Xiangru also stood up and said, “Please ask the king of Qin to cede Xianyang (the capital of The state of Qin) to the state of Zhao as a birthday present.”

King Zhaoxiang of Qin saw the situation very tense. Knowing that the troops of the state of Zhao were stationed nearby, he said to his ministers, “Today is the day when the Kings of the two states meet together. Please do not say anything about it.”

Finally, the meeting of Mianchi ended successfully.

Lin Xiangru made two diplomatic missions to protect the state of Zhao from humiliation and made great achievements.

King Wen of Zhao Hui trusted Lin Xiangru very much and promoted him to Shangqing. His position was higher than that of Lianpo.

Lian Po was very unconvinced, and privately said to his protege, “I am a general of the state of Zhao, and I have made many contributions through hard work. What’s Lin Xiangru’s big deal? I’ll teach him a lesson when I see him.”

These words reached Lin Xiangru, who pretended to be ill and did not go to court.

One day, Lin Xiangru and his followers went out in a carriage.

When he saw Lian Po’s carriage coming, he asked the coachman to retreat to the lane to hide and let the carriage pass first.

This matter made Lin Xiangru’s followers angry. They blamed Lin Xiangru for not being so timid.

Lin Xiangru said to them, “Which is more powerful, Lian Po or the king of Qin?”

“Of course,” they said, “the king of Qin is powerful.”

Carrying Thorned Grass and Pleading Guilt

Lin Xiangru said: Yes! All the princes in the world feared the king of Qin. In order to defend the state of Zhao, I dare to scold him to his face. Why did I get scared when I met Lian Po?

Because I hought that the powerful state of Qin would not dare to invade The state of Zhao, just because Lian Po and I were there.

If Qin knows that we are not united, it will take the opportunity to invade The state of Zhao.

Someone said to Lian Po listen to this matter, Lian Po after listen to feel very ashamed.

So, he goes to Lin Xiangru’s house naked and carrying thorns, to apologize.

He said to Lin Xiangru, “I’m a rude person with poor knowledge and narrow knowledge. Please give me a good beating.”

Lin Xiangru helped Lian Po up and said, “We are both ministers of the state of Zhao. The general understands me, and I am extremely grateful. Why do you apologize to me?”

In the end, the two became intimate friends.

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