Zhou Bo restored power to
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Zhou Bo restored power to the Liu clan

How did empress lu maintain power?

In 188 BC, when emperor hui of han dynasty died, the empress Dowager Lu found a random baby from the outside and said that this person was the son of Emperor Hui of Han. Then she let the baby inherit the throne.

As the emperor was still a baby, empress Dowager Lu ruled the Han dynasty for this reason.

In order to consolidate her power, the empress dowager said in court that she wanted to make her relatives crowned king.

What did gaozu say?

The right prime Minister Wang Ling said directly, “Emperor Gaozu of the Han once said that only a man surnamed Liu could be crowned king.”

Later, Empress Dowager Lu asked Chen Ping and Zhou Bo for advice.

Chen Ping and Zhou Bo said, “Of course, it was right for Gaozu of the Han Dynasty to unify China and make his relative king. You are in charge of the country now, and it is no problem to make your relatives king.”

Empress Dowager Lu nodded happily.

After leaving the court, Wang Ling rebuked Chen Ping and Zhou Bo, saying, “Weren’t you all present when Emperor Gaozu of the Han said those things?”

Chen Ping and Zhou Bo said, “Don’t worry. To argue with the empress Dowager Lu face to face at court, we are no match for you; But you can’t compete with us in preserving the Han Dynasty.”

With the consent of Chen Ping and Zhou Bo, Empress Dowager Lu made most of her relatives Kings and gave them military power.

From then on, the power of the Han dynasty almost fell to the empress Dowager Lu.

Hearing the news, many ministers were unconvinced.

Liu Zhang’s action

Emperor Gaozu of the Han had a grandson named Liu Zhang.

On one occasion, the empress Dowager Lu held a banquet and appointed Liu Zhang to supervise it.

Liu Zhang said to the empress dowager, “I am the son of a general. Please allow me to supervise the banquet according to military law.”

After listening to Liu Zhang’s request, Empress Dowager Lu agreed.

Liu Zhang saw the crowd drinking noisily. He offered to sing for empress Dowager Lu.

Empress Lu said: “You sing.”

With the permission of the empress Dowager, Liu Zhang Sang a song.

However, empress Dowager Lu listened to Liu Zhang’s song, the heart is very angry.

Why is that?

Because Liu Zhang’s song is a metaphor for trying to get rid of the empress Dowager Lu’s clan.

After a while, a member of the Lu clan got drunk and left without saying goodbye.

Liu Zhang caught him, said he had violated banquet rules, and killed him.

When Liu Zhang came back to report to the Empress Dowager, all the ministers were afraid.

However, empress Dowager Lu herself had allowed him to act according to military law, so she did not execute him.

In the eighth year of the reign, Empress Dowager Lu fell seriously ill.

The will of empress dowager lu

On her deathbed, she appointed Lu chan As prime Minister and Lu lu as general, and admonished them, saying: “Now Lu clan is in power, and none of the ministers will accept it. When I am dead, you must lead the army and guard the court so that no one will plot against you.”

After the death of the empress Dowager Lu, Lu chan and Lu lu wanted to stage a coup, but they did not dare.

When Liu Zhang learned of Lu clan’s plan from his wife, he sent his brother Liu Xiang (King of Qi) to send troops into Chang’an(Capital of Han Dynasty) from outside.

When Lu chan Got the news, he immediately sent guan Yin and his troops to deal with it.

As soon as he arrived in Xingyang, He consulted with the ministers and said, “The Lu clan intend to seize the power of the Han Dynasty. If we attack Liu Xiang, won’t it be a rebellion?”

Finally, they secretly told Liu Xiang to get in touch with the princes and wait for the right time to start a military campaign against the Lu clan.

When the king of Qi was informed, he did not go into action for the time being.

Zhou Bo’s action

Zhou Bo and Chen Ping knew that Lu clan was going to start a rebellion. They wanted to preempt the rebellion, but the military power was in Lu clan’s hands.

They thought li Yi and Lu lu were good friends, so they asked Li Yi to persuade Lu lu, saying, “Empress Dowager Lu is dead and the emperor is young. You are the king of Zhao, but you stay in Chang ‘an to lead the troops. If you can hand over the military power to Zhou Bo and return to your fief, Liu Xiang will withdraw, and your ministers will be at peace.”

Lu Lu believed li Yi’s words and gave the army to Zhou Bo in charge.

Zhou Bo seized the military power. He hurried to the barracks and said to the soldiers, “If you want to help the Lu clan, extend your right arm. If you want to help the Liu clan, extend your left arm.”

The soldiers in the camp were loyal to the Liu clan, so as soon as they heard Zhou Bo’s words, they showed their left arms. ,

From then on, Zhou Bo took over the army smoothly.

With an army, Zhou Bo successfully wiped out the power of Lu clan.

Later, the ministers who opposed Lu clan argued that the present emperor was a fake one brought back by the empress Dowager Lu, and should be replaced.

After deliberation, they decided to make the fourth son of Emperor gaozu of Han the emperor.

The emperor chosen by his ministers was Liu Heng, known historically as Emperor Wen of the Han.

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