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Zongze’s helplessness

Emperor Gaozong of Song

His personal name is Zhao Gou.

After his father and brother were captured by the jurchen jin, he fled to the south and established the Southern Song Dynasty.

For him, if he succeeds in defeating the jurchen jin Dynasty, then his father and brother will come back.

Once they returned, their throne was in danger.

As a result, he had no interest in fighting the jurchen jin dynasty.

After the fall of the Northern Song Dynasty, Zhao Gou, the king of Kang who had stayed in Xiangzhou, fled to Shangqiu.

In May 1127, Zhao Gou became emperor in Shangqiu.

When Zhao Gou became emperor, he did not set his capital in Shangqiu, but in Lin’an (now Hangzhou) further south.

The dynasty ruled by Zhao Gou was called the Southern Song Dynasty. After he ascended the throne, he had to recall Li Gang to the court as prime minister under the pressure of public opinion.

But in fact, he trusted Huang Qianshan and Wang Boyan.

Li Gang put forward a lot of ideas against Jurchen Jin Dynasty. He also told Zhao Gou: “to recover Bianjing (the capital of the Northern Song Dynasty), Zongze must be used.”

Zong Ze’s situation

Zongze was a general who resolutely resisted the Jurchen Jin Dynasty. Before the fall of the Northern Song Dynasty, the emperor at that time sent him to make peace with the Jurchen Jin Dynasty.

Zongze said to his followers, “If the Jurchen Jin Dynasty is willing to retreat, I will make peace with them. Otherwise, I will fight with them to the end.”

As soon as Zhao Gou heard Zongze’s tone so hard that he was afraid that he might hinder the peace talks, Zhao Gou dismissed him from his post as a peace envoy and sent him to Cizhou to be a local official.

When the Jurchen Jin Dynasty army attacked Bianjing for the second time, Zongze led his troops to attack the Jurchen Jin Dynasty army and won 13 battles in a row.

He wrote to Zhao Gou, the king of Kang at that time, and asked him to call up generals from all over the country to join Bianjing.

Then, he wrote to the three generals, asking them to join hands to rescue Bianjing.

However, these generals did not want to send troops, and laughed at Zongze’s madness.

Zongze had no choice but to lead his troops alone.

On one occasion, he was surrounded by Jurchen Jin Dynasty troops ten times more than he was.

Zongze said to the generals and soldiers, “today’s advance is also death, and retreat is also death. We must kill a way out of the dead.”

Inspired by him, the officers and soldiers fought bravely and defeated the Jurchen Jin Dynasty army.

Zhao Gou knew Zongze’s bravery for a long time. After listening to Li Gang’s recommendation, He asked Zongze to become prefect of Bianjing.

At this time, although the Jurchen Jin Dynasty army had withdrawn from Bianjing, the Bianjing city wall had been destroyed in the previous two wars.

Therefore, the people in Bianjing were in a panic and the social order was very chaotic.

Zongze had great prestige among the army and the people.

Zong ze’s actions

As soon as he arrived in Bianjing, he gave an order: “Whoever robs the property of the residents shall be dealt with strictly according to the military law.”

As soon as the order went down, there were still several robberies in the city.

After Zongze killed several robbers, the order gradually settled down.

At that time, the common people couldn’t bear the plunder, burning and killing of the Jurchen Jin Dynasty army, and organized rebel forces to resist.

After arriving in Bianjing, Zongze actively contacted the uprising Army.

After hearing about Zongze’s reputation, the uprising Army in various places voluntarily accepted his command.

In Hedong, there was a uprising leader, Wang Shan, who gathered 700000 people to attack Bianjing.

After knowing the news, Zongze rode alone to see Wang Shan.

He said to Wang Shan with tears in his eyes: “this is a time of national crisis. If there are several heroes like you working together to fight against Jurchen Jin Dynasty, will the Jurchen Jin Dynasty dare to invade us?”

Wang Shan was moved to tears by his words and said, “I am willing to listen to the command.”

Later, Zongze made several uprising armies unite to fight against the Jurchen Jin Dynasty.

In this way, Bianjing’s defense was consolidated.

However, just as Zongze was preparing to confront the Jurchen Jin Dynasty, Zhao Gou, Huang Qianshan and Wang Boyan thought Shangqiu was unsafe and were ready to continue to flee south.

Li Gang was dismissed from his post by Zhao Gou for his opposition to escape to the south.

Zongze was very anxious. He crossed the Yellow River personally and asked all the uprising armies to fight against the Jurchen Jin Dynasty.

Then, Zongze wrote again and again, asking Zhao Gou to return to Bianjing and preside over the overall situation.

But Zongze’s letter got to Huang Qianshan and others. They made fun of Zongze as a madman and detained his letter.

Soon after, Zhao Gou fled from Shangqiu to Yangzhou.

In the face of this situation, Zongze decided to fight against the Jurchen Jin Dynasty.

When the situation became better and better, Zongze wrote dozens of letters to Zhao Gou.

However, the letters were detained without exception.

At this time, Zongze was nearly 70 years old.

He thought that Zhao Gou completely ignored his letter and was angry and had a very serious illness.

Of course, even if Zhao Gou saw Zongze’s letter, he would not come back.

The reason is that the Jurchen Jin Dynasty captured his father and his brother.

Once Zongze rescued his father and brother, his throne would be in danger.

When some generals went to comfort Zongze, he opened his eyes and said excitedly, “I got sick because I couldn’t eliminate the Jurchen Jin Dynasty. As long as you try to kill the enemy, I will die without regret. “

After Zongze’s death, none of Bianjing’s soldiers and civilians was not sad and cried bitterly.

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